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PrfSeverus: Snape walked back down to the dungeons walked into… - I'm just a pretty boy, whatever you call it

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December 7th, 2003

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09:43 pm

PrfSeverus: Snape walked back down to the dungeons walked into his quarters and without pause into the bathroom where he, without looking, undressed and got into the shower and didn't emerge for long moments. He finally came out, damp and dressed in a pair of black slacks ad went to find Blaise.

slytherinsex: Blaise raised his head from the pillow half-dazed, woken by the sounds. "Mmhp?"

PrfSeverus: Snape snorted and lit a candle for faint illumination before going to the rack of potions and took one and laid his wand aside. The mark was still visible through the white of his shirt. "I'm home."

slytherinsex: Blaise groaned a protest against the light, blinking as he tried to see where Snape was and what he was doing. "I thought you'd be gone all night again," he said, trying very hard not to make it sound like a complaint.

PrfSeverus: "Mm. No," he said rather hollowly. "I'm sorry. How are you feeling?" he asked quietly, touching the backs of his left hand to blaise's cheek

slytherinsex: "Sleepy," he smiled very tiredly, bringing his own hand on top of Snape's. "But I'm glad you're here."

PrfSeverus: "Mm. I'm glad you're glad or something. Go back to sleep. I have... things I need to do"

slytherinsex: Blaise tried to shrug the sleep-haze away. "Do you need any help?"

PrfSeverus: "No, beautiful." he said with a slight catch "I have to make a report to the order about the... meeting."

slytherinsex: Blaise tensed and stupidly tried to read the man's mind just by studying his features. "Oh. Okay."

PrfSeverus: Snape sighed. "I killed Molly Weasley." he said flatly "I doubt I'm going back to sleep tonight. Get some rest. Tomorrow will be... chaotic when her brood hear the news."

slytherinsex: "Ron's mum?" he said quietly, wide-eyed, not sure he was understanding what he heard. "--Dead?"

PrfSeverus: Snape ground his teeth slightly. "Yes. Ron and Ginny Weasley's mother is dead. Yes, I also killed her."

slytherinsex: "How? Why?" he made sure that there was no edge to his voice, reaching out to touch Snape, but doing a doubletake, not sure it was a wise idea.

PrfSeverus: Snape sat down in the arm chair noticing the halted hand and wincing internally and feeling absolutely ill. "Because it was that or watch both she and tonks be tortured to death. I am however," He smiled humorlessly, "Back in My Lord's good graces."

slytherinsex: Blaise got up from the bed and crouched in front of Snape, laying his palm on the man's knee as unobstrusively as he could. "I... don't know what to say. Or even what to think right now."

PrfSeverus: "I realize that, Blaise," he said quietly and a bit distantly, "I should have waited until morning or not told you at all. Why don't you just take something and go to sleep You can't be prepared to deal with this."

slytherinsex: "Please don't... treat me like a child," he said pleadingly. "This isn't about me. You must... feel... terrible..."

PrfSeverus: "I am not treating you like a child," Snape said quietly and looked down into those amazing eyes. "I just don't know what to say. I'm rather used to this ... or was. Honestly I don't have any idea how to handle this either. Typically I just pass out. Unfortunately I am not headmaster. Pity the gryffindors tomorrow."

slytherinsex: "You're not doing anything tomorrow. It's Sunday and... and it can just wait," Blaise bent his head to think, exhaled, and looked up again, setting his jaw. "I'll talk to Ron. Even the other Weasleys if need be."

PrfSeverus: "I doubt they're going to be fond of interference from us," Snape pointed out wearily. "They have each other, at least for the most part. Meanwhile you need to relax. Alternately you can heal my wrist." he said pointedly

slytherinsex: "They do have each other," Blaise nodded, looking at Snape with serious eyes that tried to convey a message saying and you have me through what ever comes, idiot man. He then blinked, registering what he'd said. "Your... wrist?"

PrfSeverus: "Tonks pushed a table over. I let it fall on me. Just heal it" He poined at his right wrist. "I'm sorry I woke you up," he said quietly but slid his left hand up to cup Blaise's cheek, surprisingly unpreturbed by the dark mark, not even aware of it for the moment.

slytherinsex: Blaise closed his eyes for a moment and kissed his palm. "Don't worry about it. Who's Tonks?" he said, getting up to fetch his wand from the night table, falling on his knees in front of the chair again. "I have't really taken many mediwizard courses," he bit his lip, fidgeting nervously with the wand. "Maybe I should go get Pomfrey, I might turn your hand into a bouquet of roses or something."

PrfSeverus: "Oh stop it and cast the spell," Snape said with a weary smile. "Tonks is an auror. She's one of Dumbledore's. They... had others too but I'm not sure who The entire thing was over inside twenty minutes. "

slytherinsex: "Asclepio," Blaise muttered, touching the wand-tip on Snape's wrist, a rather humorous look of concentration on his face. "Is an Auror? She got away alright then?"

PrfSeverus: Snape chuckled quietly. "See? No roses." He rubbed her eyes. "She got away. Lucius ... let her go."

slytherinsex: "Uh, why?" Blaise frowned. "Don't take offence but... Mr Malfoy never seemed exactly the kindest of men."

PrfSeverus: "The auror is Narcissa's neice, i believe. Apparently he grew morals for a moment." Snape shrugged. "Are you ready for bed yet?"

slytherinsex: Blaise stood up and held a hand out to Snape. He nodded, giving the man a rather severe look, "You need sleep."

PrfSeverus: "You're seventeen. You're not my mother. If I sleep I will keep you up all night screaming. I am not drugging myself this late." He took blaises hand "Nox," and climbed into bed anyway

slytherinsex: "Mmh," Blaise helped Snape out of his shirt before laying down next to him. "I can imagine worse ways to spend a night. And remember."

PrfSeverus: "I'm sorry, love>" he said quietly. "I'm a self centered idiot sometimes. Get some sleep. I'm not going anywhere."

slytherinsex: "I slept already," Blaise shook his head stubbornly, turning his head to glance at the other unseeingly in the darkness. "It's really your turn."

PrfSeverus: "Fine." Snape said quietly. "We'll both sleep Now go."

slytherinsex: Blaise laughed soundlessly, only the ripples of his body giving it away. "I doubt an eleven year old Hufflepuff with brain damage would fall for that."

PrfSeverus: "Do you want to think you're an eleven year old hufflepuff with brain damage?" he smiled slightly and pulled Blaise closer.

slytherinsex: "Well, that would certainly be," he coughed, "kinky." Blaise wrapped his arm around Snape, flattening his palm against his back. "Would you want me to be?"

PrfSeverus: "No. You'd never scrape by transfiguration." He kissed blaise lightly. "Thank you."

slytherinsex: Instead of saying what for or any time, he simply said, "Always," tangling his naked legs with Snape's cloth-covered ones. He sighed softly. Then smiled entirely too wickedly, "What if I just wore a yellow dress?"

PrfSeverus: "What if you," He shifted lightly against Blaise, pulling him closer "you're horrible and awful and I adore you."

slytherinsex: "Mm, you too," he smiled, fighting back a yawn and the pull of sleep, determined to see the other get some amount of rest first.

PrfSeverus: Snape was tired A chingly tired and inspite of it all it took a matter of secodns for the need of sleep to pull him under into peaceful darkness

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