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December 6th, 2003

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05:12 pm - [Private.]

slytherinsex: Not used to waking up before Snape, or even seeing the man in bed lately, Blaise welcomed the opportunity to watch him. Just watch -- finding that he enjoyed it immensely. He lay there, plopped up on one elbow, thinking. About the previous night. Nights. Weeks.

PrfSeverus: Snape sighed and for a change woke up slowly, rubbing his cheek against the pillow case before opening his eyes to see Blaise. He startled slightly. "Good morning. Are you waiting for the vultures to circle?"

slytherinsex: "You're not dead just yet," he smiled, reaching out to touch the other's face. "Stuck here with me, I'm afraid."

PrfSeverus: Snape snorted and turned his face into his hand. "Alright I'm here. I'm with you. And I've missed that, to be entirely honest. What did you want to do today."

slytherinsex: "Sit in Potions undressing you in my head," he said teasingly, but didn't take his eyes off those of Snape's. "I don't know."

PrfSeverus: "I'm taking the day off," he said firmly. "So are you. I have no idea what's going on in this school or in Slytherin. I need informed."

slytherinsex: "Good," he tried not to seem as serious as he felt, "You could use it... I think. But who'll take over the classes?"

PrfSeverus: Snape shrugged "I don't care. cancel them. I'm going to be useless anyway, or would be if I tried. " He frowned. "What's on your mind?"

slytherinsex: His every old instinct tried to convince Blaise that 'nothing' would have been the shrewd thing to say, here. Smile. Shake your head. Instead he laid his head back on the pillow and flatly said, "A lot."

PrfSeverus: Snape looked at him with his eyebrows creeping up directly proportinal to the sinking in his stomach. "What do you mean a lot. Start talking Blaise."

slytherinsex: "I don't know where to start..," he found that he actually wanted to let out a whine, but fought it back, staring at the ceiling. "It's just--everything."

PrfSeverus: Snape sighed and waited for hell. "All right. We have all day. Just start talking and we'll sort it out."

slytherinsex: "I think it all started about seventeen years ago..," he chanced a glance at Snape. "Oh, fine. The last weeks have just been... odd. I used to know exactly what to expect from people, life... and now I feel like I have no control over anything that," he looked away, "anything that happens to me, and I know that's just weird... considering."

PrfSeverus: "Weird considering what? " He sighed. "You are somewhat out of control, Blaise. Your entire future is altered. Not what you expected and it's not safe. That's scary for anyone and you're 17. That mkes it harder. What's more you thougt or were in love with Draco for a very long time.... how do you feel about that now by the way/"

slytherinsex: "Weird considering that it's not like I actually had any real control, even before... maybe even less, and--" he let out an exasperated breath, "and I don't know what I'm supposed to feel about Draco. I'm worried for him."

PrfSeverus: "Yes Blaise but you didn't have control and didn't have to plan. Now, why are you worried about Draco?" He was trying to be as matter of fact as possible, but he was worried

slytherinsex: "He's going to do something stupid, I just know it," he bit his lip, "I know him."

PrfSeverus: "Do something stupid how? Draco has a string of doing things stupid under his belt. What this time?"

slytherinsex: "I don't... know," he said. "Something utterly foolish and dangerous and Draco."

PrfSeverus: "What has he said to you?" Snape asked, pushing up in bed to sit up, tugging Blaise with him.

slytherinsex: "That there's something he has to do before he can come back here," he shook his head. "He's... taking Potter pretty seriously."

PrfSeverus: "There's something he has to do before he can come back," he echoed hollowly. "Wait- what about potter is he taking seriously?"

slytherinsex: "The... leaving him for someone bigger and redder part," he made a face.

PrfSeverus: "Are you trying to tell me you don't know what Draco's planning on doing?"

slytherinsex: "I'm not sure he knows himself," Blaise frowned, trying to think of it.

PrfSeverus: "Draco is hurt and his pride is injured by Harry Potter. Harry Potter who is the polar opposite and head of Dumbledore's side. He has been rejected by the 'good' guys. What do you think he's planning?"

If he was right, he was going to throw up.
Or commit suicide
Or murder
Murder might be good

slytherinsex: "He can't be that fucking stupid..," he trailed off. "I'm going to kill him. Owl him. Shake him until he rattles inside and realizes what a sodding--"

PrfSeverus: "Mm. Death wish, Zabini?" he asked mildly but flatly.

PrfSeverus: "Is there other news I should know? now may be a good time."

slytherinsex: "A few, but never my own," he said drily, but then looked questioningly at Snape. "News you should know? About what?"

PrfSeverus: "I don't know. You said a lot was happening....," He smiled. "I'm getting rid of Bole."

slytherinsex: "Good," he bent his head down cover his smile, not entirely sure is feeling happy about it was appropriate. "One less embarassment to our house."

PrfSeverus: "Our house is becoming nothing but an embarassment," he said with a bit of strain. "We have drunks and whores and death-eaters. And of course you."

slytherinsex: "Death Eaters," shifted uncomfortably. "Right. ...And I know I talk to Weasley, but I don't think I'm that much of an embarassment to Slytherin. I do keep it a secret, you know," he smirked.

PrfSeverus: He shook his head slightly and said quietly, brushing his fingers through Blaise's hair "I'm proud of you Blaise. Never doubt that. Talking to Weasley is not an embarassment. Being a drunk slut spounting love poetry... that's a bit disconcerting."

slytherinsex: "Yeah... about Montague..," he looked up, teeth wearing his lower lip nervously.

PrfSeverus: "What about Montague?" he asked tugging gently at BLaise's lower lip to get it away from his teeth

slytherinsex: He shut his eyes and shook his head, "I don't know if I should say anything... but I think he did something to R--Weasley some weeks ago."

PrfSeverus: he blinked "Well if you think he did something to Ron, then by all means tell me. Honestly, Blaise, do you trust me that little?"

slytherinsex: "It's not that," he opened his eyes and gazed at Snape, reaching out to touch him lightly. "I'm just not sure I want to get mixed up in Dion's affairs, I have enough people to watch out for in the hallways."

PrfSeverus: "I'm not going to involve you in anything, Blaise. Tell me or don't it's your decision and you're right you certainly have to take care of yourself first'

slytherinsex: "I think the lower years are oblivious to how tense our interhouse politics have become lately," he took a deep breath, "But I got the impression that Montague... took him by force."

PrfSeverus: Snape just blinked at him and then banged his head against his headboard. "Lovely. We needed a rapist for good measure Is he marked? Maybe I should take him to Voldemort. "

slytherinsex: Blaise laid his head on Snape's back, wrapping his arms around him from behind. "I don't think so. He's not as good at the hide-and-seek game as some of the others."

PrfSeverus: "Yes, the others Speaking of--" He was tense and nauseated, near snapping this close to waking up.

PrfSeverus: "Are you having problems with them?"

slytherinsex: "I can... deal with them," he wasn't sure which one he was trying to convince.

PrfSeverus: "Of course you can. Fuck, Blaise I'm sorry. You know it might almost be easier for you if you took the mark."

slytherinsex: "Hmm," he massaged the biceps of Snape's left arm briefly and let his hand travel down the man's arm, halting as he reached the Mark. He splayed his fingers on top of it, his touch very very light. "I've never really been into tattoos," he spoke quietly, lips almost brushing against Snape's earlobe.

PrfSeverus: Snape gritted his teeth and shut his eyes "yes well neither have I" he pulled away abruptly and went to the wardrobe specfically to cover the damn thing up. "Now what do you want to do?" He said as he shrugged into a black button down shirt and fastened the cuffs securely before returning to the bed.

slytherinsex: "Something that requires clothes, I guess," he wished that the faint smile he'd conjured hid absolutely everything. "I... can be careful, Severus. I am trying to avoid Goyle and Capper to the best of my ability."

PrfSeverus: Snape sighed. "You can't avoid them entirely. Sooner or later you're going to have a situation you don't know how to handle, and add Capper to my list of Death-eaters I didn't know about. " He said tensly and woud up just pulling Blaise closer "You know being involved with me is a very bad idea."

slytherinsex: "I have a lot of bad ideas," he wrapped his arms around Snape, but couldn't stop himself from shuddering a little as he efficiently pushed away thoughts he didn't want to think.

PrfSeverus: "Blaise, you do not have to stay with me if you want my protection. I'll do what I can regardless. I always tried to protect you brats, I'm just not particularily good at it" He tightened his arms further.

slytherinsex: "I don't," he brushed a light kiss on Snape's cheek and stayed there, resting his forehead against his temple. "If that's all I wanted I'd... I'd seduce the Minister, or something. And I don't think anyone's ever truly safe anyway. It comes with life."

PrfSeverus: "Mm. Well if you really want to seduce the minister, I'm hardly going to top you," he said with a faint smile. "Aren't slytherins supposed to have an innate survival instict?"

slytherinsex: "He's not my type," he grinned tiredly. "And how many Slytherins do you know that survived life, in the end?"

PrfSeverus: Snape snorted and then laughed. "One. He keeps dying an dcoming back like the tenacious beast he is."

slytherinsex: "So the odds are better than for other houses. I knew there was some reason I was sorted here."

PrfSeverus: Snape snorted and shook his head. "I think at the moment the odds are rather lower. Unless you wanted to become an evil over lord?"

slytherinsex: "I haven't really decided what I want to do with life, yet," he teased. "Do you think there are any perks to that? Tall, dark, sexy professors to do my bidding?"

PrfSeverus: "Mm Yes. You need a better mark than this one though. Something more fashionable."

slytherinsex: Blaise bent his head and let the tip of his tongue trail lightly over the still fresh cut on the side of Snape's throat, and then pulled back to look at him, shaking his head. "This war, it won't last forever."

PrfSeverus: "No. If we're lucky there will be a few years of reprieve before the next one." He sighed and held Blaise under the chin and kissed him slowly nd deeply "This is two for me. I'm tired of it."

slytherinsex: "Maybe we can find a nice cave somewhere, up on a mountain, and retire," he closed his eyes, relishing the feel. "Some day."

PrfSeverus: "You can retire to Eaton any time you like," Snape said fondly, stroking along his spine. gently. "In fact I encourage it."

slytherinsex: "The term is over soon, then we can both retire," he smiled. "I can't wait for the chance to get absolutely bloody bored for a change."

PrfSeverus: Snape snorted. "Then you will be pleasantly without any occupation what-so-ever save Ivan"

slytherinsex: "Who's Ivan?" pulled back slightly, a look of mock jealousy on his face and a small pang of something similar inside him he really didn't care to analyze, that quickly shifted into a sly sort of smile. "A hunky Bulgarian servant who serves you Mai-tais in the nude?"

PrfSeverus: Snape blinked and looked blank for a moment. "Ivan is a Russian Wolfhound ... thing that was at the house when I took possession several years ago. Merlin, BLaise your mind--" he shook his head

slytherinsex: "Is one of my better qualities, really," he grinned, kissing Snape quickly before reaching for his own robes at the side of the bed, diving into them. "I guess I'll have to do the naked servicing of drinks, then."

PrfSeverus: "Mm. Don't complain when he sticks his nose in places you'd rather not have a cold wet nose."

slytherinsex: Blaise laughed. "I'm sure we'll get along. I generally tend to like all animals that I don't have to turn into pin-cushions or crystal goblets."

PrfSeverus: Snape laughed. "yes well those animals aren't exactly the most coperative after having been turned partially into an inanimate object. I am not horribly fond of pets but I am not stupid enough to push out an animal nearly as large as I am. "

slytherinsex: "'Partially'?" he smirked. "You've seen me transfigure then." Blaise got off the bed and reached for his wand on the sidetable, stopping to cup Snape's cheek standing in front of him, something glimmering in his eyes. "I'm sure Ivan loves you just as much. Incendio," the fireplace lit up.

PrfSeverus: "mmhm. We avoid one another and I've never seen you transfigure but I have seen your grades and had Minerva crawling up my back about it. And IVan rules the house and lets me live in it. " He sighed. "I think I may sleep in. By the way. Capper==what does he know?"

slytherinsex: Blaise nodded, and then frowned. "I doubt he knows left from right. What do you mean?"

PrfSeverus: "About me." Snape pointed out. "Or us, or what exactly I'm dong. Id on't know what the students think of me. You'e better for that."

slytherinsex: "Hmm," he fell silent, looking pensive for a while. "The students respect you, the smart ones even fear... We suspected that you were in league with... that you had sympathies for the Death Eaters, even before... I don't know what he knows about us, but I think that he knows that I know about him. What he is."

PrfSeverus: "And he knows what you are not. Well as long as he doesn't suspect me of being something other than a Death_eater then we'll manage. I can slither out of his attentions easily enough."

slytherinsex: "I hope so," he nodded. "But Seth's not like Crabbe and Goyle. Don't... don't turn your back on him."

PrfSeverus: "I won't, but I can't show him any fear either or he'll be suscpious. Regardless of what he knows or thinks he knows he is a 18 year old student, at the most. If I can handle my Lord," he sneered, "I'm sure I can handle him."

slytherinsex: Blaise turned around to study the papers on the desk, smiling a little sadly. "That he is."

PrfSeverus: "Alright. Do whatever it is you're so anxious to be doing. I'm ging to shower.'

slytherinsex: "I thought you were going to sleep in," Blaise walked by him, and then smirked, "And I was going to forge your signature and cancel your classes, so you'd have a few hours of peace."

PrfSeverus: "I'm the headmaster. Stick a note on the door and forget it." He said with a smile. "You know how odd it is after the past weeks to be left in peace?"

slytherinsex: "Odd is good," he blinked. "Odd is great."

PrfSeverus: "is it? You struck me as someone who liked routine though to be honest I suppose I don't know anything about you. Though I do have a question. Why did you touch that mark?"

slytherinsex: "Routine keeps you alive," he said noncommittally, and looked up, searching for something in Snape's eyes. "The Mark is a part of you."

PrfSeverus: Snape nearly, nearly flinched, but stopped himself. "I suppose it is," he said a bit hollowly, thinking idly of just what he'd done to himself in the early days after he'd returned to Dumbledore.

slytherinsex: Blaise took a step closer, "You may treat it as a foreing object, but it's always going to be there, isn't it?" his voice little above a whisper now, "And... and... when I said I wanted you I meant, as is."

PrfSeverus: "It will be there as long as voldemort is." he said flatly and looked at Blaise . "And when did you say you wanted me?"

slytherinsex: Blaise smiled faintly, looking past Snape. "Didn't I? I guess I am now."

PrfSeverus: "Oh well then." He tilted his head. "Do you? Then why aren't you looking at me?"

slytherinsex: "This isn't really easy for me," it took a conscious effort to lock his gaze with Snape's, smiling more broadly now, but still with ingrained sadness. "I do."

PrfSeverus: Snape ust looked back for a moment and tugged him in and said rather fondly and kissing the top of his head. "You've got me for as long as you want. What isn't easy and why, and why are you unhappy?"

slytherinsex: Blaise shifted on his feet uneasily, "I haven't done this before, felt this, and it's nothing like Draco and I don't know and why does it have to hurt so goddamn much, I feel like I'm being turned inside out, and would you please just get the bloody message already!" He reached up to kiss Snape with a mixture of anger and desperation and passion

PrfSeverus: Snape blinked and returned the kiss, gentled it, held blaise firmly and close but gently before he pulled back. "I love you too."

slytherinsex: Closing his eyes Blaise nodded, and swallowed. "Yeah, that." He hugged Snape briefly and stepped back. "You were going to the shower."

PrfSeverus: "Mm. You're an odd little boy, " Snape said casually not wanting to make him more uncomfortable, headed off for the shower. "Call down for breakfast too."

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