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December 5th, 2003

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04:25 pm

slytherinsex: Blaise squeezed Snape's hand once on the edge of Hogwarts grounds before apparating to the circle of stones deep within Ettrick forest, wrapping his robes about him more tightly out of nervousness.

PrfSeverus: Snape was exhausted, nervous and wondered how far he was taking this, and if it was the wisest of ideas. But he was willing to do this to have Blaise feel both safer and to feel free of the Malfoy men. He wanted Blaise to be free of them and well... He set his shoulders with grim determination and looked around.

slytherinsex: "Can we... make it less cold now?" Blaise looked at Snape, stepping into the circle and setting his bag on the stone table.

PrfSeverus: Snape nearly impercebtably flinched. "That might be a wise idea, yes." He said just a bit distantly and waved his wand, casting a heating charm to fill the area directly around them before taking off his cloak

slytherinsex: Blaise started unfastening his robes, but stilled his hands and looked around at the surrounding darkness, his shivers having nothing to do with the air anymore. "This is just... entirely too romantic," he said drily, understanding the seriousness of the situation but unable to help his feelings of uneasiness.

PrfSeverus: Snape sighed and undressed "Just. relax. Everything will be fine Take some deep breaths and if necessary and aphrodesiac," he joked very mildly. He was... not happy but at least it was Blaise

slytherinsex: Blaise watched Snape remove his clothing, gaze lingering on every patch of revealed skin, an absent sort of smile starting to curve his lips. "I don't think that's necessary."

PrfSeverus: Snape quirked an eyebrow and tossed hair out of his eyes. "Well good. I'd hate to think you find me repulsive after all this time." The change in roles here just felt wrong. Zabini was a 17 year old student... but at least he was tall and certainly big enough to not add to the surreality.

slytherinsex: Before he could help himself, Blaise stepped up to Snape and kissed him, removing his own clothes with an uncharacteristic lack of methodicalness until he was, for all and any intents and purposes, naked. He pressed his body against that of the man briefly, before reaching out for his wand.

PrfSeverus: Snape stiffened and froze briefly before responding, forcing himself to stay passive, hands resting on Blaise, closing his eyes and opening his mouth to the pressure and not restraining his movment in anyway. Blaise had to be free to act here.

slytherinsex: Blaise reached into the bag and took out a pouch containing a salt-sulphur mixture. He looked at Snape questioningly before tossing it into the air and pointing his wand at it. "Forma Realgar," he little more than whispered, the powder forming a circular pattern around the area. He bit his lip, more than slightly unsure, not having ventured very deep into studying the dark arts, being a student at Hogwarts instead of... Durmstrang.

PrfSeverus: "You're fine, Blaise. This is just role reversal. It's Dark, it's not complex. You certainly have the abaility to do this or I would not have suggested you do it at all. I trust you."

slytherinsex: "I... thank you," he muttered, taking out the rest of the contents of the bag and setting them up on the stone. He looked up, searching Snape's face. "But I'm still glad that it was you who brewed the potion. I'm not sure anyone else could have."

PrfSeverus: "neither am I," He watched Blaise cautiously. "Or at the very least and not have consumed it." He raked a hand through his hair. "It is very, very--dark."

slytherinsex: "So is this place," Blaise shrugged, looking around. He walked by Snape again and stopped in front of him, taking his hand. "I'm sorry," he said quietly, looking down. "You shouldn't be forced to do this."

PrfSeverus: Snape wove his fingers through Blaise's. "Blaise. This is not something forced upon me. It is something I've chosen to do. Now. Can we get on with it before some wild animal decides to join the festivities?" He was nervous but he was also teasing gently.

slytherinsex: Blaise nodded and leaned into Snape, resting his head on the man's shoulder for something. Strength. Comfort. "I think I know what to do," he breathed, taking a step back, leading them towards the stone.

PrfSeverus: Snape walked with him after a brief moment of hugging the boy. "I would think you've a good grasp on at least the mechanics, Blaise." he smiled faintly

slytherinsex: "The fun part, at least," he smiled, but it was soon replaced by a look of concentration. Leaning on the stone he took the potion that had been prepared before, whispering incantations as he downed it, grimacing. He felt his legs give out slightly as the mercury in it burned its way through his veins. He knew it would happen. It didn't make it any easier. Blaise gasped, trying to remember how to breathe.

PrfSeverus: Snape caught him and held Blaise while he sorted himself out "Just relax and let it work," he murmered into his ear. "It will past soon and you'll be much, much, better."

slytherinsex: "I... hope so," he held on to Snape, knowing that he couldn't do what was required if the world kept spinning like this. Blaise closed his eyes and, taking a deep breath, continued weaving the spell, the air around them starting to shimmer lightly.

PrfSeverus: Snape held him up and poured everything he could into him, holding him tightly. "It's all right, Blaise... just relax. This is the hard part. After that it's just pleasure." Well for Blaise

slytherinsex: Blaise nodded again, a sheen of sweat on his temples as he forced the words out, now through gritted teeth. He pushed back and settled on the stone, pulling Snape gently with him, careful not to disturb any of the objects laid on its surface.

PrfSeverus: Snape followed Blaise's guidance, lips pressed against his temple and felt his own heart skip and lurch with illogical unease He trusted Blaise, he reminded himself, he trusted Blaise and this was his own idea.

slytherinsex: Blaise settled Snape on his back and straddled his thighs, his intense gaze trying to convoy both reassurance and affection. He leaned down to kiss the other's abdoment while reaching out to grab a vial filled with a black substance. Dipping his fingers into it he used it to start drawing intricate patterns on the skin beneath him, laying heated licks and kisses between the symbols, making his way down Snape's chest all the way to his thighs, biting softly on the inside of one of them as he finished.

PrfSeverus: Snape tensed briefly on his back, closed his eyes and forced himself to relax and lie still, shifting his legs a bit apart with a shiver when Blaise bit it, determined to make this every bit as easy for Blaise as he could. he doubted the boy was up to rape and it was rather nice and he was responding to the attention. "Mm." he said quietly with approval

slytherinsex: Fingertips skirting up and around the thighs Blaise lifted them slightly and settled himself between them, moving his hands to knead the man's buttocks gently and soothingly as he looked up to assess his work. Once his eyes reached Snape's he smiled, only a little forced, and searched for a light tone. "Looks nice. I could get used to it."

PrfSeverus: Snape smiled slightly and relaxed deliberately. "Mm. Don't get too used to it. It rather itches" he kept himself passive, lifting his knees and shifting himself to accomodate blaise easily.

slytherinsex: Blaise leaned in to kiss the tip of Snape's cock to distract him, letting his tongue play in the slit. "Are you absolutely sure about this?"

PrfSeverus: Snape shuddered slightly and pushed up faintly toward him. "I already told you we were doing this. I'm hardly changing my mind now."

slytherinsex: "You can change your mind at any point," Blaise said seriously, and took the cock entirely into his mouth as he let his thumb trace the crease of Snape's ass, very lightly.

PrfSeverus: Snape groaned and promptly forgot his surroundings infavor of the feel of Blaise's mouth around him, barely even aware of what his other hand was doing. "Mm. Not likely zabini," he muttered

slytherinsex: Blaise reached for the lubricant he'd actually prepared himself, just for this, warm to the touch. He laid his palm flat on Snape's stomach to assure him, pulling off to lick the side of his shaft as he inched a finger inside the man, slowly, watching him intently.

PrfSeverus: Snape's breath hitched for a moment and his eyes were left half open, deliberately locked onto Blaise. "I'm fine," he reassured him. Gods this was weird

slytherinsex: "I want you to be more than fine," Blaise crawled up Snape's body, careful not to disturb the patterns he'd laid out. He claimed his mouth, penetrating him with his tongue as he added another finger, searching for his prostate as he carefully streched the heat around his fingers.

PrfSeverus: Snape pushed back very slightly and with a small breathless moan, sparks flashing across his eyes. That was definately better than okay. He really ought to have discovered his prostate years ago and it more than over rode any slight discomfort

slytherinsex: Adding a third finger, Blaise rested his elbow next to Snape's head, caressing his face gently, pushing back his hair. He rubbed his own cock against the underside of the other's thigh, forcing back moans because he did not want to rush any of it.

PrfSeverus: Snape winced very slightly, nearly impercebtiably and closed his eyes for a moment, breathing shallowly and waited for a bit to shift again, turning his head to kiss Blaise's palm. He was comfortable and the extreme care being taken was both reassuring and... touching

slytherinsex: Blaise took Snape's lower lip into his mouth, working his fingers, "Tell me... when."

PrfSeverus: Snape breathed shallowly and quickly, closed his eyes and relaxed, hands resting loosely on Blaise's back. "When." he said softly and simply, shifting his legs further apart

slytherinsex: Blaise removed his hand and positioned himself, pushing one of Snape's legs up further. He curled his now free fingers around the man's cock and bit his jaw very softly entering him, in one slow glide. He forced himself to stay still and waited for Snape to move.

PrfSeverus: Snape went absolutely still and silent, a muscle in his jaw twitching slightly and holding his breath for several long moments. Frankly it hurt and made his eyes water and sweat break out at his temples. But it didn't last long as muscles shifted and relaxed around Blaise and he exhaled slowly and with a very soft groan pushed back experimentally

slytherinsex: Blaise kissed his eye lids and then rested his forehead against the other's, breathing shallowly, "Alright?" He pulled out slowly and sheated himself back in in a quicker jab.

PrfSeverus: Snape swallowed hard and his back arched slightly. "Yes." he said breathlessly and very quietly. "We're all right."

slytherinsex: "I'm glad," he whispered kissing Snape, and leaning his head on his curled up fist on the stone, he searched for a rhythm. Making sure that the blade was still where he'd set it down, Blaise closed his eyes bit his teeth to keep from groaning, his hand stroking Snape's cock lazily between every thrust.

PrfSeverus: Snape shuddered and felt the rough stone at his back and the unfamiliar but intense sensation of someoen within him as well as the stroking of Blaise's hand around him, meeting his pace easily falling into it, nothing else on his mind but the growing spiral of sensation

slytherinsex: Increasing his pace Blaise tightened his hold on Snape's cock, struggling to keep his mind on what he had to do, the air around the clearing starting to crackle, small sparks igniting in the darkness. Back heaving from laboured breaths, Blaise bit down on Snape's shoulder, groaning openly now.

PrfSeverus: Snape groaned more loudly, muscles around blaise tightening, hand on his back scratching lightly. "Blaise...." he said very quietly, breath hissing at the magic making the hair on his arms stand on end. "Focus."

slytherinsex: "I'll be... ready," he moaned, grazing the side of Snape's neck with his teeth to emphasize his point, reaching out for the blade, his other hand never relaxing on the man's cock.

PrfSeverus: Snape's breath caught, and he felt his heart lurch with sheer and immediate terror but never hesitated, turning his head to one side and tilting his chin sliging, giving Blaise access, baring his throat for a blade and absolutely against every slytherin survival instinct he had

slytherinsex: Blaise's pace on Snape's cock quickened until he could feel him close to the edge, then he pushed back on his elbow and placed the blade on Snape's throat and holding it there as he studied the other's face, his vision turning to scarlet as he felt his own climax building. Cutting swiftly along the sinew to release the built-up magic, the blade dug into skin as he buried himself into Snape for the last time, coming in a wave of hot come.

PrfSeverus: Snape felt the knife and the climax simulatenously, blood and come both bathing over his body as he cried out softly, shuddering hard and hyperventilating and blood pounding in his ears and feeling wave after wave of magic leaving him raw and unrestratined and focused before the spell ... caught just as he was near blacking out

slytherinsex: Blaise fell limply on Snape's body, knowing that it didn't matter if he smudged the patters anymore, resting his head in the cusp of the other's neck, feeling warm blood trickle against his skin as he waited to catch his breath again. He then shifted to lay next to the other, moving his weight from on top of him, caressing his face and looking at him worriedly. "Are you...?"

PrfSeverus: Snape groaned faintly and shifted and with a good deal more effort than he felt it should have taken got his eyes open to look at Blaise. "not dead." he said helpfully and shut his eyes again. He was tired. It would take a few minutes.

slytherinsex: "I was going for 'alright'," Blaise smiled exhaustedly, laying his palm flat on Snape's chest, resting it over his heart as he bent in to lick a little bit of the blood away.

PrfSeverus: "Oh Alright.' he said quietly "Then yes. i am."

slytherinsex: "I am sorry that you had to..." he looked up, pressing his body closer to the other. "I'm just sorry."

PrfSeverus: Snape turned onto his side and wrapped his arms around Blaise. "We should go now. I ddidn't have have to do anything. I chose to. Thank you for letting me."

slytherinsex: "I guess it is getting kind of... early," he looked around, half stunned to see the first rays of light, but not really wanting to let go of Snape.

PrfSeverus: Snape stretched and then sat up cautiously, pulling blaise with him. "It is We need to get back. How do you feel?"

slytherinsex: "Tired. Sated. Strange," he gazed up at Snape, his face streaked with the other's blood. "I really don't know."

PrfSeverus: Snape wiped his thumb through the blood. "Tired. you need cleaned up. Come on, lets get you home." he said softly, picking up his cloak

slytherinsex: "Home," he smiled faintly, picking up the things laying around the clearing. "Yes."

PrfSeverus: Snape helped him, then when they were finished held him close and apparated them both away

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